MLG Vegas Announced, Tournaments For Call Of Duty And Overwatch

Major League Gaming (MLG) just announced a gaming event taking place at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas on 16-18th December. Dubbed MLG Vegas, the event will showcase two different e-sports taking place. One is the kick-off to the 2017 season of Call Of Duty World League (CWL), where we will see the first North American Regionals taking place. About 96 teams will compete in a double-elimination open bracket to earn a stake in the $100,000 USD prize pool, as well as gaining valuable CWL Pro Points.

Aside from that, we will also see an 8-team invitational Overwatch tournament, with $100,000 at stake. The Overwatch tournament seems a bit smaller in scope compared to Call Of Duty, but it looks like the focus here is to improve the game’s ability to be easily spectate. Overwatch still has plenty of spectator tools missing, though Blizzard are slowly adding them in, but MLG’s proprietary EVE (Enhanced Viewing Experience) technology, which helps display relevant stats and data on stream, might be a solution for that.

MLG is owned by Activision-Blizzard, who also owns these two games. With e-sports on the rise it will be of the company’s benefit to push their expertise further in content production to help both games, and their compettive scenes, gain more traction from fans and have a following.

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